Will I have a say in the Design Process?

Of course! It's your business. We will collaborate and work together to create a site you love and can be proud of. Your input is crucial and encouraged at every step.

What is the turnaround time for your designs?

This largely depends on you. If we have all of the site "assets" ready to go on a small site, we can turn a site around in about a week. If it's a Free Home Page Mock-up ... 48 hours (2 business days). If it's a straight rebuild, where you just want to give an existing site a more modern look, even with "light editing" and some basic market research, we can have the site ready in two weeks. Larger projects may take a month or two, once you decide to go with us.

I don't have images. Can you help me source images that are perfect for my website?

Absolutely. We have access to a few professional libraries and we can work with graphics designers to create custom images just for you, just for your website.

What do I need to get started?

Start with the 48 Hour Free Home Page mockup. Even if you don't already have a site or a digital presence you can just put any site content in a word document and send any images you'd like to use or pop them in a dropbox folder. We can help source appropriate "atmospheric" images for you. Of course, this will only represent a 'preliminary' design & you are free to change or add anything should you choose to go ahead.

Do you code?

We do a little, but we prefer to work with another great Squarespace specialist for any really hard stuff.

Will my website be responsive (easily viewable on smartphones & tablets as well as desktop computers)? 

Absolutely. You'll even be able to see what it looks like on your mobile phone or iPad as we go. It's vital that your website alters its shape for various devices. It's this trend towards responsive websites that is leading the charge towards the simpler, more streamlined style we encourage.  

How can you guys work so fast? 

Web design used to be an extremely time-consuming job, where you may have needed a team of programmers and graphic artists to do it for you. Nowadays, if you just need a beautiful brochure-style website that looks wonderful, functions well and paints a professional image of your business — then it doesn't have to take months or cost you the Earth. Technologies have improved and it doesn't take that long for us to create content on the Squarespace platform to give your business a fresh, invigorated, modern new look. 

Why do you use Squarespace?

We find that Squarespace gives you everything you need, and nothing you don't. Squarespace is like the Apple Mac of website platforms.

How easy will it be to drive my own website, once you're done? Will I be able to make changes once you finish? 

Absolutely. The system we use is cloud-based and quite simple and intuitive. It is used by people the world over to create their own sites. It is seriously drag-and-drop easy. And, of course, we'll always be here for support and there's incredible support articles and videos online if you have any issues. 

But I don't want my site to go down while you work on it. 

Relax, we don't work on your current site. We'll create a new one from scratch using Squarespace.  We'll build the site on our servers and when it's ready we'll transfer it to your domain.

What's the Price?

Our prices start from as little as $1500+gst for a standard 'brochure' style site (copy supplied or based on current site). nb: For this starter price we won't be able to spend much time on your copy (maybe just a light edit) or do any background market research and we probably won't be able to take any photos on-site. 

Why don't I just build the site myself?

You should if you have the time and expertise. Still, in our experience we can usually design a new, improved, customer-getting site for less than your time is worth.  The result will probably be more professional and, importantly, we'll make sure your core message hits the right note. 

Okay then why don't I outsource it overseas?

If price is your major concern you definitely should consider outsourcing overseas. Outsourcing is a good idea if you know exactly what you want and can communicate it clearly in writing. Even so, in our experience it's difficult to get someone who knows how to pull all the "psychological" elements together (design, imagery, appropriate "voice", coherent sales message, etc). Plus we live here on the Sunshine Coast so we can come and photograph your business and meet you face to face which is very important for bigger projects.

Who takes care of the DNS swap-over and will my email still work?

If we're doing a website from scratch, on a new domain, we can take care of setting up email for you. If you have an existing email service connected to your domain we will simply send you (or your IT Dept or "IT guy") the new DNS settings for them to change, and your site will be live within hours. 

What about hosting? How much will you charge for that?

We charge from about $16 a month. If it's an ecommerce site it will be from $20 a month. Your domain name registrar/manager charges will be the same as they are now. There's no need to change.

What about SEO?

We provide an excellent on-page SEO service where we determine your 5-10 "bullseye" keywords and optimise your site for them. We'll optimise your site across five key areas to make your site appealing to Google and to improve your rankings. This on-page SEO strategy is the foundation upon which all other optimisation depends. We'll research your high-response keywords and provide page-by-page inclusion of Page Titles, Page Descriptions, Image Alt Tags, Headline and Body keywords and Meta Keywords. As well we'll provide site-wide inclusion of bullseye keywords in your Site Description and Meta Keywords. What this means is that your site will have the best chance of being found by Google. We can also make sure your site is set up for Google Console, Google Maps, Google My Business and Google Analytics. And we'll send you automated weekly or monthly SEO rankings reports.