You know how it is.

You're embarrassed about your website. You find yourself making excuses for why it doesn't look so great when you give someone your URL. The information is out of date and it's letting your business down. But it costs so much to get the company that designed it to make even a simple change. Then, just to rub salt into the wound, you feel like you've been locked in to an expensive hosting contract. 

You're stuck between a rock and a hard place because you invested so much to get the website up and running. But it's so complex you need an IT degree just to upload an image!

Sound familiar?

We know how it feels and it's not your fault. Most run-of-the-mill designers & agencies do charge an arm and a leg. They're not geared up for a simple redesign job. They want big jobs and big contracts, because they're set up to use old-school, complicated design platforms.

It doesn't have to be that way

If you're tired of stressing about your website, we have good news for you: If you simply want your site to look good, read elegantly and attract customers ... it's really not that difficult. 

Here's the little-known secret that web design agencies don't want you to know..

Actually "designing" the site is the easy part (web design agencies count on consumers remaining ignorant about this). But it's true. The real grunt work comes before the design process. It's the expense, difficulty and time associated with gathering the content, collecting the information, chasing copy, taking photos, checking contact numbers. All that time-consuming stuff. 

So—assuming all that preparation work is already done—then giving an existing site a makeover is a walk in the park. At least it is for experienced online publishers, editors and marketers like us :-)

We'll roll up our sleeves, dive in, and bring your tired, outdated site into the present, so you're left with a website that brings fresh, quality leads into your business. We'll give the site a light edit as we go. We'll fix spelling or punctuation errors, re-write clumsy paragraphs and create sub-headlines, captions and engagement devices where appropriate. We can even create a site-wide call to action and a "lead magnet", if  we have time. 

If you want anything major done or changed, let us know and we'll implement any alterations as we go.

You'll get a contact form and map, if needed. And we can add slideshows, picture galleries, buttons, search boxes ... you name it.  We'll even source new pictures if we think it will enhance the look and feel of your site.

"But what if I don't like what you design for me?" we hear you ask. Relax, we'll phone you to get the lowdown before we do anything. Then, before we get too far into the job, we'll send you a draft page for your approval to make sure you're happy with the new style. Once you okay the draft the rest of the website will follow its lead.  

"Will it be responsive?" Absolutely. You'll even be able to see what it looks like on your mobile phone or iPad as we go. It's vital that your website alters its shape for various devices. It's this trend towards responsive websites that is leading the charge towards the simpler, more streamlined style we encourage. We're right on it.

"But how can you get it done in 7 days when other companies charge thousands and take months?"  We can't know why other companies charge what they do. Perhaps it's because web design definitely was an extremely time-consuming job, and you really did need a team of programmers and graphic artists to do it for you. But "was" is the operative word here. Times have changed, technologies have improved and honestly it doesn't take that long for us to copy and paste content across to our easy platform. Then polish words and pictures and give your site a fresh, invigorated, modern new look. As long as you've got a standard 10 page or so website, then it's really a walk in the park. So you can see, this is how we can confidently make this offer. 

"What if I want something extra done on my site like e-commerce?" No problem, we can talk about that  as well. But, fair warning, it will cost extra. We can do it after we take care of the site migration.  

"How easy will it be to drive my own website, once you're done? Will I be able to make changes once you finish?" Absolutely. The system we use is cloud-based and so simple and intuitive it's used by primary school students to create their own sites.  It is seriously drag-and-drop easy. We can give you a lesson at handover and there's incredible support articles and videos if you want to really get into it. 

"But I don't want my site to go down while you work on it." Relax, we don't work on your current site. We'll create a new one from scratch using our platform (the same platform that over 22 million other people use).  We'll build the site on our servers and when it's ready we'll transfer it to your domain.

"What's the Price?" The price $750+gst for a standard 'brochure' style site.

"Why don't I just build the site myself?" That's a great idea if you have the time and expertise. In our experience we can usually design a new, vastly improved, professional looking, customer-getting site for less than the average businessperson's time is worth to do the same.

"Okay then why don't I outsource it overseas?" Outsourcing is a good idea if you know exactly what you want. Communication can be a problem. And, again, you're tied to the system they prefer unless you have your own preferred option in mind. You will find someone who can make your site look "pretty". But "pretty" only goes so far. We can guarantee that you won't find anyone who can give your site an express "marketing makeover" like we can provide for the money. 

"That's all very well but who takes care of the DNS swap over and will my email still work?" We take care of all that for you, included in the charge. Yes everything will work, we've done this many times.  The longest it will take for everything to "settle" , is the standard 48 hours, but usually 3-12 hours.

"What about hosting? How much will you charge for that? I've been stung before you know." We know. We charge from about $15 a month. If it's an ecommerce site it will be from $20 a month. If you have a separate email host we'll take that on for free. Your domain name registrar charges will be the same as they are now, no need to change.

"What about SEO?" For an extra $250 we'll research specific high response keywords and provide page-by-page inclusion of Page Titles, Page Descriptions and Meta Keywords. As well as site-wide inclusion of Site Description and Meta Keywords.

"What's the catch?" We suppose the only "catch" is that you do need to understand this is an "express" service. We have to assume that the info on your site is pretty much okay to go and we can just get on with the job of doing what we do best ... turbocharging your design and copy and giving you a stunning new site that's perfectly affordable and easy to drive. A website that gets customers! This service is great for busy people who are in a hurry. On the other hand if you are a bit of a "micro-manager"; if you want to check every full stop and read every sentence before it goes live; if you want a Madison Avenue-style job, then this offer will not be for you. Don't get us wrong, we CAN offer that level of service. But it will cost more than $750+gst. As will other add-ons. 

As we've mentioned if you want e-commerce it will be an extra charge. If you want page-by-page SEO it will be an extra $250. If you have more than 10 pages, or you site is overly complex we will have to re-assess. If you want extensive sales copywriting done it will cost extra. But, having said that, most business sites we see, we can easily transform and dramatically improve on within the scope of our express service. 

We're reasonable people and we are happy to negotiate any other work you would like to have included in your re-design. If you want additional services, we consult with you before hand, get an idea of what you want to achieve with your re-design, and prepare you a formal proposal with costings before we begin any work on your behalf. You are completely in control. Like everyone else, we hate 'bill shock' and our clients know exactly what their commitment will be before we start the work.

So what are you waiting for?  Start by clicking the button for a $750 One Week Website Makeover. Or check out some sites we're working on now, or have worked on in the recent past, below ... Don't delay as the price will go up when we get too busy.