Stunning Websites with a Marketing Edge

Lessons from Newspapers still apply in the Digital Age

In 1997 we bought a newspaper in Maleny. We spent 10 years writing stories about businesses ... photographing people, designing pages, selling ads and running a family on the side.  Those years spent writing & photographing cultivated a love of small business. And it honed our marketing skills. 

After The Range News, our passion for marketing needed a new vehicle. And that is when we first dipped our toes into the world of digital marketing. After joining a New York-based marketing company in 2008, we had the opportunity to learn digital strategies from some of the most successful online marketers in the world. 

Our business was 100% online, and in a company with a global membership of 40,000 people, we were in the top 15 for sales.

We learned how to build websites that are not only beautiful and responsive in their design, but which can capture leads and build a list of people who are highly likely (at some stage in the buying cycle), to buy from you. It was great. We were getting up to 60 leads a day from our Google Adwords campaign.

Still, we yearned to work for ourselves again. 

So we started CustomerGetters. Here, we started off focusing on design. But we quickly realised that nearly everyone needs help with their content as well ... copy writing, messaging and photography — something we knew how to do, since it was our livelihood at The Range News.

That led us to put copywriting, imagery & web design into a single skillset aimed at getting visitors on a site to become customers.

It's a bout leveraging the power of the internet in a way that is easy to implement but elevating and differentiating too. To cap it all off, we found a website creation platform that simplified the design process. SquareSpace gives you everything you need and nothing you don't. It is drag-and-drop simple so there is no need for us, or our clients, to get bogged down in coding complexity. 

So that's how we got to be where we are today, and we've never looked back.
Your next step? If your business has a story to tell it deserves a great website. Trust us to paint a picture of your business in the best possible light. Call Tanya on 0400 069 711 or send us an email

Tanya Outridge

Tanya Outridge

Cameron Outridge

Cameron Outridge

That's us in 1997 with our daughter Maggie. We had just put our first paper "to bed".

That's us in 1997 with our daughter Maggie. We had just put our first paper "to bed".

We won a 10-day holiday in the Cayman Islands as a sales award. Presented by Jay Kubassek & Aaron Parkinson.

We won a 10-day holiday in the Cayman Islands as a sales award. Presented by Jay Kubassek & Aaron Parkinson.

A montage of some of the stories we wrote for businesspeople at The Range News.

A montage of some of the stories we wrote for businesspeople at The Range News.


Get a big agency's expertise, but with a small agency's flexibility & creative intimacy

Beyond mere design, our expertise lies in developing a coherent sales argument that explains on a human level why people should do business with you. We’ll work with you to highlight your strengths & transform your business image from "just another brand" into a customer experience that builds trust & motivates people to take action by explaining clearly what you do best.

You get a third-person perspective
Because we're seeing your business through fresh eyes and then filtering what we've looked at through hundreds of other similar situations, we see hidden gems, new opportunities, new marketplaces, and new sources of business. These typically aren't hiding very far from where you are now ... but can remain hidden to you forever, without a marketer's eye. 

No productivity leakage or communication gaps 
Because it's "just the two of us" we provide genuine attention and communication. There's no receptionist, no sales team, no departments, and no communication issues. You deal direct with the bosses. 

We have sold stuff in the real world
We have been in business since 1997, and that means we have had to get out there, create value, work back late, beg for clients & ask for our money. Just like you.  

We work fast, and to tight deadlines
The publishing game is a tough one, and we grew accustomed to working to deadline when we owned a newspaper. Which means if getting a website live is a priority for you, it's a priority for us.

We Keep It Simple
The secret is to leverage the power of the internet in a way that is easy to implement but elevating and differentiating too. 

Design for humans. We're marketers first, designers second
We'll make you stand out. The primary goal of your website is to market your business (get customers). And marketing is simply asking customers what they want & giving it to them. 

We aren't tied down by the technological burden
We sourced an amazing platform that gives us the freedom to work 'on your website' and not 'in the code'. It means you're not paying expensive web development or coding fees. And you never will be.

We'll spot and correct mistakes that could be costing you
Because we're constantly working with so many different clients, as outsiders looking in ... we  see mistakes you're making and missed opportunities you may NEVER see, simply because you're not looking at things from our same vantage point.

Well travelled, in the trenches experience
From 2008 on, we have travelled from Bangkok to New York, Tampa to Tahoe, the Dominican Republic to Las Vegas (around the world in 80 days you might say) training  with some of the best Internet marketers and copy writers in the world.  Our own websites have been built, re-built, and built again as we scratched to distill the truly essential elements of building an effective 'customer getting' website. The secret sauce to it all has taken us many years, exhaustive searching, and countless tens of thousands of dollars to discover.

To discuss your project drop Tanya a line at or call 0400 069 711. 


Words and images that embody your brand & resonate with people

Creating a website with Customergetters is surprisingly simple. Once we have a good idea of what you want to promote we work closely with you to understand what makes your business tick and the values that are important to you. While your competitors’ strategy will invariably result in them sounding the same as everyone else in your industry, our intention is to make you look different. We'll bring your small business character to life simply by telling your story in a jargon-free way.  

You may want a website about your business in general, or you may want to focus on a product or service within it. As part of the interview we'll walk you through some very important foundation questions. What is your core message or value proposition? What's the one thing you want the website to do? Who is your ideal customer? What marketing have you done in the past? What’s worked and what hasn’t? What got you interested in doing what you do now? Is there a story behind your business? What is the proof that your product or service can do what you say it can do?  Have you got current testimonials or case studies? 

Once we answer these questions we weave them into detailed business story (or set of messages). We'll use words and imagery that embodies your brand AND resonates with people, making them more likely to buy from you than from "every other" me-too style competitor... nothing tricky or salesy. It’s simply about articulating clearly what you do best.

Meeting at your business is best

It's important to us that this meeting is conducted in person, face to face (or via Skype or phone). That's because we need to be able to back-and-forth, in the moment. It's also best done at your place of work, so we can get a feel for your business and can take photos if required.  

When we prepare sales copy for our clients, we write from the customer's perspective. To do this we can undertake market research on your behalf, in which we interview your best clients. This provides valuable feedback as to why people do business with you.

Before we write a single word, we go to great lengths to nail your USP (Unique Sales Proposition or Ultimate Selling Proposition or Value Proposition). This is marketing speak for what makes you different from your competition. We want to position you as the obvious and only choice in your market. We want you to attract the type of people who value your unique products, skills or experience. When we can take the primary focus away from price, you will no longer have to chase the price to the bottom to get customers.  

Avoid a race to the bottom. Don't get sucked in

If everyone in your industry is describing themselves in pretty much the same way (e.g. 'honest', 'reliable', 'qualified', 'experienced', 'trustworthy' etc etc), the only measure a consumer has to make a decision is price. And if everyone looks exactly the same on paper, he who accepts the lowest price for his services wins the game.  But in reality, everyone loses when the cheapest wins.

The only way to avoid a race to the bottom is to translate the value of doing business with you, to the people in your market. TWe use compelling words and engaging images to tell your story in a way that your ideal customers can connect with. Our aim is to position you as a trustworthy expert or authority in your field. A consumer advocate who is so confident in what you can offer that you are happy to give people your best advice and information for free, because you know that they need you more than you need them.

If you run a great business, or if you have a story to tell (every business does), talk to us about taking it to your market in such a way that they would be nuts to even consider doing business with someone other than you.