How to Create a Value Proposition (with Templates & Examples)

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Would you like to capture more leads & make all your marketing sing from the same sheet? Do you want your website to strike a chord with potential customers?

Well here’s what you have to do ... build a moat around your business. By “moat” I mean a Value Proposition.

A Value Proposition is like a moat because it protects your business from attack from competitors. 

It’s also an indispensable introduction, or pitch, for your business. We recommend you use your value proposition — or some type of reworded version of it — as your home page headline.

That’s because visitors to your website need to be told what’s unique or different about you that will solve their problem.

Why? Because they don’t know you yet. They don’t know how to make sense of you yet.

And because they don’t know how to stack you against who & what they already know. 

Value propositions help separate you from your competition. They tell your customers what you offer them in a simple way that makes sense to them. 

So how do you develop a Value Proposition quickly, easily & effectively? 

Use proven templates! Following are some (fairly) simple Value Prop templates you can use. Just adapt one that you like for your business. Don’t overthink. They won’t all suit. Pick one that resonates with your business.

Template # 1: Problem. Solution. Results.

For fast results use this one… It’s a proven winner. It’s just three parts. 1. Problem. 2. Solution or Product. 3. Result.


  • Most small business websites confuse their customers (problem). CustomerGetters uses a framework that helps companies organise their message (solution) so people listen (result).

  • Going to a wedding in Maleny but nowhere to stay (problem)? The Chalet’s B&B offers comfy rooms at a reasonable price (solution), so you can relax & enjoy the experience (result). 

  • It’s hard to find good, job-ready trainees (problem). WorkReady employs industry-embedded trainers & industry-authentic facilities (solution) so our graduates are ready for work day one  (result).  

Template # 2: My product is the one that … so you ...

Think of your value proposition as the completion of any of the following phrases (and then modify):

  • My product is the one that  (state difference) __________ so you don’t have to (state problem it solves).


  • My gutter guard is the one that seals the gutter completely, so you never have to get on your roof to clear your gutters again.

  • My lawn mowing service is the one that tests your soil & applies fertilisers when needed, so your lawn is always in top shape.

  • My socks are made of bacteria-resistant bamboo, which means no more smelly feet, even if you sweat a lot.

Template #3 We Help X do Y by doing Z


  • We help businesses reach more people in social media by sending information their customers value. 

  • We help couples enjoy their retirement by taking care of all their finances under one roof.

  • We help landscapers source the best products by offering the biggest range.

Template #4 For (target) who (statement of the need or opportunity), (name) is (product category) that (statement of benefit).

  • For smart businesses (target) who want more leads from their social media marketing (statement of the need or opportunity) CustomerGetters is the agency (product category) that helps clarify your messaging so you attract customers (statement of benefit).

  • For busy Dads (target) who don’t have time to mow their lawn (statement of the need or opportunity) MowerMan is the gardening service (product category) that keeps your yard looking a million bucks (statement of benefit).

Template #5 We do X, but the difference is (primary differentiator).

  • We help business owners promote their businesses, but the difference is we start with their story.

Template #6 The (adjective) way for _____ to _____, (benefit/outcome).

  • The smart way for business owners to clarify their brand message to grow their business.

  • The no-brainer way for writers to turn ideas into blog posts, articles & ebooks – for better content marketing.

Template #7 “We help X do Y doing Z”.

  • We help small business improve their marketing efforts by simplifying their message & fixing their websites.

  • We help bosses find work-ready trainees by using trainers with current on-the-job experience.

Template #8 We’re the ones that (primary differentiator).

  • We’re the ones that release businesses from online confusion by first getting their brand story clear.

Template #9 Customer-Problem-Solution

  • Business leaders (Customer) are often great at what they do but not great at explaining it (Problem). We research your customers to find out what they want so you clarify your message & create a buzz (Solution).

  • Growing small businesses (Customer) have aggressive social media plans but no clean, effective way to turn their knowledge into usable content (Problem). CustomerGetters provides strategies, templates & great ideas to build a blogging and posting powerhouse (Solution).

Template #10 What. How. Why.

  • CustomerGetters uses customer research & proven frameworks (what) to understand what your customers want (how) so they will listen to what you say & read what you post (why). 

Questions to ask yourself to brainstorm your Value Proposition

You may need to warm up your creative juices, so here’s a few questions you can ask yourself that will inspire some customer-getting Value Props.

  1. We’re the ones that …

  2. We’re in … but unlike our competitors we’re the only ones who …

  3. What does your business STAND FOR?. This does not describe what you want to do, but rather what you believe in, or what you think should happen. What is your belief, passion, or vision for the future?

  4. What does it stand AGAINST? Is there a Goliath to your David?

  5. In what ways could your brand be seen as contentious?

  6. Disruptive? Who should be afraid of what you’re doing?
     … or otherwise remarkable? Why will people want to talk about you?

  7. What is utterly unique about your business?

  8. What can no competitor ever claim?

  9. How could we complete the statement: “We are the only… that ...?”

  10. In what ways are you in a category of one?

  11. Is there a particular phrase (like a tagline or claim) that you could OWN?

  12. What would your business look like if you could magnify your brand/identity to the highest degree imaginable? 

Final note: What the value proposition is NOT

It’s not a slogan or a catch phrase:

For example:

  • Finger Licking Good … is not a Value Prop. 

  • Because you’re worth it … is not a Value Prop. 

  • Welcome to (Business Name) … is not a Value Prop. 

  • Honesty. Integrity. Persistence … is not a Value Prop. 

These are slogans or catchphrases. 

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