How to create a buzz with your copy using this three-word technique

by Cameron Outridge

Do you struggle to explain the features of your business in a way that creates a buzz with your customers? 

Want to attract more leads with every email, blog post and social media blast you create but so far they haven’t been resonating? 

Would you love to boost the appeal of your website but for some reason you’re just not cutting through?

If the answer is yes there’s a relatively simple re-phrasing hack — The “So You Can Technique”  — that turns everything you offer into copy that focuses your audience’s attention and make their eyes pop … because it’s interesting to them  … 

This three-word technique works by turning the “features” of what you offer into the “benefits” of what your offer.

To put it simply features are important to you. But benefits resonate with your customers

So, quick, here’s how to make your customers hungry for your service … 

After you describe a feature of your business, drop in the words “So You Can” and fill in the blanks. Here are some examples …

Example 1. Lawn Mowing.
At Lush Lawns we test your soil and add any nutrients it needs (feature) … SO YOU CAN … rest easy knowing your grass will always be lush, green and disease free (benefit).

Example 2. Training Courses.
We offer over 97 different courses (feature) … SO YOU CAN find one to suit your skills & distinct needs (benefit).

Example 3. Computer Storage.
Our Giganza Model comes with a 64 GB hard drive (feature) so you can store all your important documents on one computer and not worry about performance issues (benefits).

Example 4. Repayment Schedules.
Our plan offers a choice of repayment schedules (feature) so you can re-pay at a rate that suits you (benefit).

Example 5. Content Marketing.
We’re experts in content marketing (feature) so you can grow your customer base on autopilot with our blueprint for managing social media (benefit).

NOTE: It’s natural and understandable that, as business owners, we are intensely focussed on the nuts and bolts of what we offer.  And that focus has its place. Up to a point. The tipping point occurs when you want to get your customers interested in your product. At that point it’s important to stop talking in terms of what your product or service IS and expand that out, to talk about what it MEANS for your customer.

More examples …

Example 6. Chiropractic Assessment.
Chiro Chiropractic offers a 20-minute posture assessment (feature) so you can determine the exact treatment you need for your unique situation (benefit).

Example 7. Real Estate Experience.
I have over 20 years experience selling houses in Brightfields (feature) so you can benefit from my in-depth local knowledge of what sells here (benefit).

Example 8. Choice of Funds.
Choose from over 100 Premium Funds (feature) so you can capture the best market opportunities to suit your investment strategy (benefit).

Example 9. Financial Software.
Our Software offers one-click financial reports (feature) so you get access to all the information your accountant is chasing you for at the press of a button (benefit).

Example 10. Free Home Delivery.
Our Grocery store offers Free Home Delivery (feature) so you can save time by not having to visit the store (benefit).

Example 11. Hotel Location.
Our hotel is located next to the business district (feature) so you can have a lie in & still get to your meeting with plenty of time to spare (benefit).

Example 12. Clear Braces.
With Clear Braces there’s no need to wear metal braces (feature) so you can achieve the smile you always dreamed of without disrupting your life & looks (benefit).

Can you see how much more powerful a feature becomes when paired with a “So You Can” benefit statement? This technique is quick and easy and creates meaning for your customer. And all it takes is three words … So. You. Can. 

There you have it. Keep this technique in mind next time you write about your products and services SO YOU CAN write copy that gets attention and pulls customers. ;-)