Use a Marketing Roadmap to Plug the Gaps & Find Quick Wins

For most businesses today, their website is their most important marketing tool. It sits at the centre of all other marketing efforts. But do you know how well your website is doing it’s job? Is it attracting the best potential customers for your business and clearly communicating to them why you are the best people in your industry to help them?

Most business owners are not really sure. It is hard to say unless you have some type of tracking installed on your site, or devices in place to capture leads.

Because business people are busy, and usually a bit in the dark when it comes to how well their website is working for them, we have refined the process of discovery so that they can better understand their market, their customers and how their business fits in to that landscape. This information informs the core brand messaging of your business and helps to define the best channels to use to broadcast it.

It is called the Marketing Roadmap, and it looks like this:


This is a process that has many moving parts, but in essence is quite simple. We have found that these steps, taken in this order, enable you to very clearly define and communicate your brand story to the people who are looking for you.

Having clarity around these key aspects of your business helps you to figure out what is working (and what isn’t ). It also allows you to identify quick wins (which may come in a variety of ways - from optimising the customers you already have, to seeking strategic partnerships in your field), capture more leads and measure how your marketing is performing.

If you think this is for you, give us a call 0400 069 711.

PS it’s actually fun and exciting when you get right into it - don’t worry - we do all the techie nitty gritty for you, all you are left with is a plan to put a rocket under your business :-)