Quick Wins strategies to drive & convert traffic

You can always improve your marketing. But what do you do first? A good place to start is with what we call “Quick Wins”. These are areas of low hanging fruit that we’ve found are often overlooked by desperately busy people.

Quick Wins Checklist

  1. Optimise Your GMB Listing: this is number one because it’s so easy and the results are impressive and immediate. we’ve found this crucial first touchpoint has an effect on SEO, Reputation Management & lead generation.

  2. Generate GMB Customer Reviews: this simply requires an email to your happy customers.

  3. Make sure you’re signed up for Google Analytics & Search Console. Simple steps that help put you on Google’s radar & provide you with valuable insights.

  4. Prospect Re-Engagement: Most businesses are so concerned with bringing in new business, they forget about their old customers & hot  prospects. Many loyal customers & hot leads just need a gentle reminder and/or reason to come back.  So? Get your email list into action with a polite re-engagement email blast.

  5. What has worked well in the past: What campaign have you tried that worked well in the past? Don’t discount strategies because “oh we did that already”. If it worked, do it again.

  6. Limited Time Special: All lists develop “pent up demand” & “fence sitters.” You can sweep this up quickly with a strong discount offer for a limited time. 

  7. Chat-bot integration on your home page. This means people can chat via your home page in real time, instantly to a real person at your organisation, or leave their email address if they have an inquiry or it’s after hours. We have found this to be very effective, even in our small business (eg: we use www.drift.com).

  8. AnswerthePublic: Use (https://answerthepublic.com/) to research questions people ask about your business/products/services and write target posts to those questions.

  9. Consider installing Proof (www.useproof.com/free-trial) to increase your leads, demos and sales.  Display real social proof of course sign ups or graduations on your website and get more conversions.

  10. Point of Purchase Upsells: The hardest part of selling is getting the customer to go through the first transaction. Once they’ve done this it’s relatively easy to get 20%+ online (40%+ by phone) to impulse purchase an upsell if presented correctly.

  11. Optimise Your SEO: Simple and practical SEO, not over-the-top waste-of-time SEO. 

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