What Our Clients Say


“When my redesigned site went live, my online sales increased by 150% in the first ten days

I first had my Shopify website built a little over 12 months ago, and from the outset, it was fraught with problems. The company I used would not deal with me in person, so I was left to try and explain what I wanted, and what my website needed to do, via email. This was extremely frustrating and time consuming. And ineffective, as it turned out.

After nine long and stressful months, my website was finished. But it was complicated and confusing for my customers, and the design was not consistent with my offline shop.

To be honest, the entire experience was very stressful for me. I felt ripped off, and I worried constantly about how much money I was losing, not only through lost sales, but through opportunities to grow my business that were going begging because I was so focused on trying to fix my website.

I knew I had to change it quickly, because my business was haemorrhaging money. I approached a number of web developers, and the story they told me was the same (only the cost to fix it varied). Across the board, I was told to ditch my original site (which I had already invested $7,500 in), and move to Wordpress. I was assured that it was the only ‘fix’ for the issues I was experiencing. The quotes to change it varied between $7,000 and $10,000.

I was really stressed by this stage, because there was no real indication of what they would do differently to correct the problems I had been having.

I was referred to Customer Getters by my accountant, Cos Schuh, and from the beginning, the experience of working with Cam was amazing. He listened to what I wanted and the problems I had been experiencing. He took the time to give me thoughtful feedback, and a range of realistic options to fix my existing site. I really appreciated this.

After presenting me with a quote to fix my Shopify website, it only took two weeks for the work to be completed. This was particularly important, because it was the lead up to Mother’s Day, which is one of the busiest times of the year for florists. I know that Cam was keen to sort out my site so I could take advantage of that.

When the redesigned site was live, my online sales went through the roof. I saw an increase in online sales of 150% in the first ten days. This has since averaged out to around 77%.

I constantly get lovely feedback from customers, who tell me that they look at lots of florists websites, but mine is the nicest! They really love it. I have been told it looks very “European”. I love to get this feedback, because this is exactly the type of atmosphere and styling I have created in my shop.

I find that I also get a lot of sales now because of my site (and not necessarily all through it), because for larger or more complex orders, people like to speak to me personally.

I am absolutely stoked with the work that has been done. And I feel more confident to get into my site myself and change it in line with what I am doing in my shop. I have the time to work on my business, rather than stress constantly about how I can fix the site and improve our online sales. 

I realise how much the old version of my website was losing sales, holding back the growth of my business and stressing me. Having this beautiful site has allowed me to take a much bigger leap in my business.  - Mia Hollis, www.BudsonBuderim.com.au

Mia Hollis

Mia Hollis

Lee Theron & Grant Heffernan

Lee Theron & Grant Heffernan

"Helped make starting a new business easier

We don't think we can ever thank you enough for all the time and effort you have put into building our new website. As soon as we met you both, we felt as if we were on the same page. You explained the entire process in such a simple way, we didn't feel lost or confused by "tech talk". I must admit, the website was one of those BIG things on our to do list that I thought was going to be so time consuming, as we needed to get it ""right"", but before we knew it, you had our new website up and ready to be previewed! You knew exactly what we wanted.

I know that we had a few challenging and frustrating situations behind the scenes due to taking over an existing website, but Cameron has been there every step of the way. It was never too late or too early for him to answer my calls or emails, and I really appreciate that. We are very happy that we can continue working with you guys.

— Grant & Lee Theron, www.BrisbaneStarCruises.com.au

Dale Rhall

Dale Rhall

"As soon as the site went live a client filled out the form and said he chose me because my site looked more personal

A few years ago our company was looking to expand its online presence and decided a website was one of the necessities. I made many appointments with professional website developers but I was always left wanting. The designers were either too small and amateur or they wanted to give me all the bells and whistles that I really didn’t need. 

I attended a function for the LinkedIn “Sunshine Coast Business Referral Group” and met Tanya from Customer Getters. I was instantly placed at ease as Tanya seemed more interested in my business than hers. This built a tangible connection between our two companies that continues today. 

When we decided that Customer Getters were the one for us, I was introduced to Cameron and the pair took a leading role in managing the information and content we already had and folded it into a dialogue that eloquently depicted our business persona.

Once we went live with our sparkling new website I felt very proud of what we had achieved. We had finally made it to the recognisable position we needed.

The process with Customer Getters was seamless and attentive to our needs and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Cameron and Tania for anyone that needs an end to end solution for marketing.

— Dale Rahl, EnergyMakers.com.au

Rob Outridge

Rob Outridge

"Cam & Tan understand our business & really ‘get’ what we want

I wanted a complete redesign of my website which was showing its age. I’m blown away by the design Customergetters came up with (that looks like it should have cost a lot more than it did). They even took care of all the 301 redirects so we didn't miss a beat in terms of rankings. The site looks wonderful on mobile and the response has been terrific. Best part was they did everything behind the scenes and required little feedback from me.  

In terms of ongoing marketing, it is such a relief to be able to pick up the phone or send an email, giving a brief outline of the ad we are after. After all these years, Cam and Tan really know and understand our business and they “get” what will work and what won’t. It is very rare that they send me a draft and it is not exactly what I was after! The material they produce is always top notch. They are experts at writing copy which sells.

 Previously, when dealing with other copywriters who just do not understand our business, I simply felt great impatience and disappointment and it blows costs out – in my time and money. I do not have the time to hold hands and gently guide people to the result I am after. I need a great result now.

 In terms of the website, Cam even makes changes he believes will enhance the site. He sends me an email detailing what he has done, then I have a quick look and give him the go ahead. I have never once told him not to move forward.

— Rob Outridge, Maleny IGA

Kylie Pitt & Mark Cuthel

Kylie Pitt & Mark Cuthel

"Tan & Cam have helped our business to grow at a consistent rate of 11-17% per year since 2010

I engaged the services of CustomerGetters in 2010. At this time we had expanded our business at the exact same time we were hit with the GFC, two years of solid rain and bad debtors. My business was failing and every dollar I invested on marketing had to give me a return. I sat down with Tanya and Cam and discussed my goals and targets and the budget I had to spend. They then put a marketing strategy in place for the next 6 months and we touched base weekly to monitor the success of the plan.

Our first campaign was a huge success generating sales in excess of $8000 off a $350 ad. This was the absolute best result we had ever achieved. We decided with my low budget the best bang for my buck was to switch completely to digital marketing. The results have been outstanding – doubling my turnover in 4.5 years.

The best part (besides the results) about working with Tan and Cam is that they do all the work and make sure my marketing stays consistent and relevant. As a small business owner it is often hard to achieve 100% in all areas of your business – this allows me to focus on the financial and management side of my business. They write all my copy, manage my FB and website as well as all my email campaigns and newsletters, they also take care of photography, design work, government grants and award submissions – all for a very reasonably priced fee.

CustomerGetters have helped me make my business into the success it is today, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am now without their help and knowledge. I recently was honoured with the Sunshine Coast Business Womens, Corporate Business Woman of 2018 Award, and we have also made it as a finalist for the Sunshine Coast Business Awards.

Tan and Cam have both contributed to this success – they really know their stuff. I have complete trust and confidence in CustomerGetters because really, the results speak for themselves. I have over 10,000 followers on FB which are all local and engaged  - these results have come organically. We have over 30,000 hits on our website every month. The benefits of doing business with this reputable company are many:

  • Tan makes sure she knows your business with a few strategic questions and is able to write all your copy – Fast!

  • Value for money – they are a family business themselves and just want to provide a great service at a very reasonable price

  • Increase in turnover and profit 

  • Industry leaders in marketing and sales

  • Fast reliable service – they always return my calls same day

  • Flexible – they are constantly updating my web and FB at a moments notice if required due to market changes

  • No smoke screens – complete transparency and no upsell or ripoff prices

I can completely recommend them to any business large or small, you will get results! I have complete peace in knowing my marketing is in such safe and reliable hands.
— Mark Cuthel and Kylie Pitt, www.CoastalLandscape.com.au

Todd Kither

Todd Kither

"They explained websites and online marketing so I could understand it

Tanya was the first marketing-type person who had bothered to come & talk to me about my marketing. She explained in everyday language what all the terms were so I could sort the wheat from the chaff and decide what I wanted done. She didn’t try to talk me into anything. Then they set to work on my site. But the best thing was I didn’t have to provide anything. They got all the information from me and wrote it up themselves.  They understand how busy small business owners are.  
— Todd Kither, www.BrownsAutobahn.com.au

Kerry Osborne

Kerry Osborne

"Cam & Tanya helped me take my kaftan business online

When I decided I wanted to take my retail clothing business online, Cameron and Tanya chose a website platform that was incredibly easy to use so that I have been able to operate it completely myself. They showed me how to take consistent photos of my products and gave me ‘driving lessons’ so that I could manage my new website.

It made the entire process both easy and cost effective, as I had previously been quoted three times as much for a similar site.
— Kerry Osborne, www.KerrysKaftans.com.au

Dominique Schuh

Dominique Schuh

"Quick response rate to questions and queries

We were stalling on updating our website because we didn’t have the in-house expertise and it was just another item to eventually get around to on our list. Cameron and Tanya came to our business and took the time to get a really good feel for it, and an understanding of what we wanted, and they put everything together completely painlessly for us. They continue to update our content before we even think to do it, meaning they really manage that side of our marking for us.

Web designers can sometimes speak in “computer terms” but Cam and Tanya simplified everything and made it easy to understand. It put us at ease, knowing that the job would be done well.

It is completely easy and enjoyable working with Cam and Tanya. They are a lot of fun, but they are also highly professional. The fact that we could completely outsource that service and know that it would be completed to such a high level, and that it would match well with our brand and business direction is very reassuring for us.

To date, they have worked on our website photography and design, copy writing, social medial management, client newsletter design. As a result, our ongoing marketing and website maintenance actually happens! If we tried to organise our own website it would simply fall to the bottom of the list, but having Cam and Tanya take this over has made it a priority.

We’ve handed over almost all of our marketing operations to Tanya and Cameron and every time they exceed our expectations with their creativity and professionalism. We’d recommend them to any small to medium sized business. We particularly appreciate the quick response rate to questions and queries.

— Dominique Schuh, www.SchuhGroup.com.au

"My article appeared all over the Coast

Thanks for the fantastic media release from when I relocated my business. The photo Cam took really captured the essence of my business. The story appeared in the Sunshine Coast Daily, five local community papers, Business Matters magazine and My Weekly Preview. I appreciated the professionalism and quick turnaround. It gave me excellent coverage at a extremely low cost point. I look forward to working with you both again soon. 
— Shane Marsh, The Complete Garden, Kawana

"Absolute integrity & professionalism

I  cannot speak highly enough of both Tanya and Cameron Outridge.  What  impresses me most is that they are both genuine, down to earth people  with an incredible amount of business knowledge.  

Their authentic  approach comes across in how they conduct their business — with  absolute integrity and professionalism. The training and support that I have received from Tanya & Cameron has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Thank you for opening  my eyes to a new world of running a successful business from home. 
— Audra Starkey, www.TheHealthyShiftWorker.com

Audra Starkey

Audra Starkey

Hilary Holliday

Hilary Holliday

“Cameron & Tanya are flexible and go the extra mile

I highly recommend Cameron & Tanya. They provide a comfortable space fo you to express your ideas and needs for your business. They were integral in helping me launch my business website Getperspective.com.au. They are flexible and go the extra mile. They are a great team to have in your corner!

- Roxane Robotham, www.GetPerspective.com.au

Roxane Robotham

Roxane Robotham

“They collected awesome testimonials for my new site

"I have recently had my website updated using Tanya and Cameron from CustomerGetters. From the outset they took the time to sit down with me and ask what I was hoping to achieve with the new website, who my target markets were and how we were going to attract those clients.

At the time of this changeover I was going through a lot of other issues that were heavily distracting me from my business, however I knew this was one area I didn't need to worry about at that time. They had it covered. They called my clients and B2B associates and took complete control, by getting awesome testimonials together for the site.

The service and the final result of my website is better than I hoped and I have already generated more business since going live. 

— Karen Hodder, www.SuncoastCinemaSeats.com.au

Karen Hodder

Karen Hodder

“Can-do attitude, nothing was too much trouble

Cam & Tanya's  ‘can-do’ attitude means I no longer had to manage the difficulties of third party providers which is time consuming and extremely frustrating.  I chose CustomerGetters so I would have a local provider. 

However, we have never had to meet in person. Their ability to interpret our requirements, work effectively with us online to review and finalise changes has been exemplary. 

I am not graced with technical know-how so it is reassuring and effective to have Cameron and Tanya do this work so we can concentrate on our business.  Nothing is too much trouble.  — Jane Metcalfe, www.BowlingGreenSupplies.com.au

“Having an independent perspective was extremely helpful to us. It has helped us to identify many more opportunities for us to pursue


"As a new business with a relatively new and innovative service offering, we were keen to understand our market and competition better before investing a lot of money in our marketing.

We had a website which we were really happy with, but we wanted to tighten up our messaging and speak to our market in a more targeted and personal way.

We approached Tanya and Cameron and they suggested that as a first port of call, we complete the Marketing Roadmap process.

Then they went ahead and interviewed our clients, and researched our industry not only locally, but also nationally and Internationally. From the feedback and information they gathered, we were able to re-work our messaging, and bring to the front what makes us completely unique in our industry (that we are also fully qualified personal trainers with years of experience helping women to love, care for, and better appreciate their bodies).

In doing so, we have also identified the kind of client we prefer to have, and it has made our subsequent marketing much clearer.

Then Cameron re-designed aspects of our website to reflect this messaging.

Having an independent perspective of our business was extremely helpful to us, and we also received lovely feedback from clients that we had not specifically been expecting. It has helped us to identify many more opportunities for us to pursue.

Every contact we had with them we learnt something new, and we have implemented all kinds of cost effective strategies, some of which have done extremely well. We also felt very reassured about the direction we want to take moving forward because two experienced business people have supported our thoughts about it.

In other businesses I have owned, I found it disheartening to engage marketing professionals who cost a fortune, promised the earth, and delivered very little. But I had gotten to know Tanya, and very early on, I trusted her to look after us. She has since made a number of mutually beneficial introductions to other local business people, and we are very excited about what lies ahead for us." - Kylie Read, www.BodyFaceCo.com.au

“Within hours, I was ready to launch my new website

Having recently re-designed my website, there came a moment when my very limited knowledge of technical issues came to a full stop.

Within hours of contacting Tanya and Cameron, I was ready to launch my site.

They are the business .... they know their stuff inside out. They are efficient, affordable and professional; all the ingredients required for a successful business relationship.

Elizabeth Wey , www.EssenceofHealing.net

Elizabeth Wey

Elizabeth Wey

“I have referred my own clients

"I originally contacted Cameron and Tanya because I wanted a website that did not fit within the conventional 'brochure' style format. I spoke to numerous agencies in Australia, but found that they did not understand what I was trying to achieve. Then I tried agencies overseas, but this was not a good solution because the language barrier was insurmountable.

Cameron and Tanya were able to 'get' what I wanted, and picked up on the nuances of my concept and turned it into a commercial reality. They have tailored all their services to my specific needs with the flexibility to deliver exactly what I was looking for. 

The greatest compliment is that I have referred my own clients, and they have also been extremely happy to work with Cameron and Tanya.

— Frank Cassells, Director, Cassells Chartered Accountants."

Frank Cassells

Frank Cassells

“I needed to change my positioning

I was referred to Cameron and Tanya by a client because I wanted help to develop packages in my business, to write terms and conditions, and to improve my positioning in my market. Bookkeeping is incredibly competitive, and I was finding it difficult to lift myself out of an essentially price driven market.

I completed a Discovery Session with Tanya, and what really resonated with me was that due to my unique skill set and experience in my industry, I needed to change my positioning. Tanya helped me to more clearly see what my value is. I was at a point where I had reached a bit of a cross roads in my business and it was actually really nice to hear someone tell me ""you're not the average bear"".

The coaching that I received during the Discovery Session helped me to identify the need to make some dramatic changes around who I want to work with. In particular, writing a ""Dream Client"" list has helped me to focus very precisely on this. This will inform all of my positioning and marketing materials. 

Being an Accountant, I am far more comfortable with figures and spreadsheets, so having someone who can put my thoughts into words, for my ideal market is extremely reassuring. And I am finding that my business has a new energy because I am focussing my attention on marketing to my ideal client.

— Andrea Wenborn, www.BASAngels.com.au

Andrea Wenborn

Andrea Wenborn

"Skill set & experience make them a great asset

Cameron and Tanya are extremely intelligent and anything they do, they gives 100% effort. Their skill sets and experience make them a great asset. 
— Aaron Parkinson, www.AaronParkinson.com

Aaron Parkinson

Aaron Parkinson

"Tanya just made me sound so damn good!

I have worked with Tanya in various capacities since 2012. Specifically, she provided copywriting services for me in my own marketing consultancy over here in Perth. I am a reasonably capable writer myself - but I always preferred to have Tanya 'ghostwrite' for me, because she just made me sound so damn good!

Her understanding of the psychological processes a buyer goes through sets her apart from the general copywriting crowd. And her skill in using words to connect and engage with prospective customers are really the best I've come across.

Combine Tanya's copywriting with Cameron's technical abilities with all things web related, and you've got a brilliant marketing team who really know how to get new customers .... and keep them coming back. Try them - you won't be disappointed. 

— Hilary Holliday, Western Australia

For  11 years we owned and operated The Range News — a 14,500 circulation  newspaper in Maleny. Here are testimonials from some of our wonderful customers ...

"Scrupulously honest

We  miss you in Maleny, but thank-you for all you did for the community.  You were there when we needed you---  always helpful, cheerful,  enthusiastic, and, above all, you were generous with advice and  scrupulously honest.
— Joan Benson O.A.M, Queensland Arts Council 

"Their integrity was impeccable

Merv  and I are very happy to share the positive experiences  we have had  with Cameron and Tanya Outridge as editor/managers of the Range News.  They were always helpful, easy to communicate with and their integrity  was impeccable.
— Merv & Katherine Schulz, Maleny TV, Obi Vale, Maleny

"We felt like part of the extended Outridge family

“We  advertised our Financial Planning business in The Range News for almost  ten years. I found the team at The Range News headed by Cameron and  Tanya Outridge to offer great service during that time. Communication  via email was personalized to a point where you had a real feel for  who it was you were dealing with. Response times were fast and always  efficient. Their friendly manner over 10 years made it feel as though  we were part of the extended Outridge family. 
— Craig Gemmill, Dip Ed, Dip Fin Planning CFP, Blackall Range Financial Services, Mapleton 

"Beyond my expectations

You  always sold me advertising space at the right price. I suppose the best  part about it is it worked like you thought it would. That’s  why I was always happy to do business with you, and promote my business  in the ways you suggested.  You helped my business to grow beyond my  expectations.
— Ross and Sally Hopper, Maleny Dairies McCarthys Road, Maleny 

"Always a pleasure

Doing  business with Cameron was always a pleasure. He and his wife Tanya  helped both myself and my wife with ever ready assistance to publish  our success as professional artists. All the best to you both.
— Ken & Carmel Farrow, Farrow’s Art Gallery Mapleton

"Great people to do business with

I  would not hesitate to recommend Tanya and Cameron as great people to do  business with. I always found them both to be helpful and dedicated in  assisting me in my business when it came to advertising and marketing.
— Thomas Ebejer,Jillian Rd, Diamond Valley

"Highly regarded in town as people of integrity

We  have known Cameron and Tanya Outridge for the past 4 years in their  role as owners of the Range News, Maleny. It has always a pleasure to  do business with them and they are highly regarded in this small town as people of integrity. 
— Phil & Jennifer Holden, Holden's Gallery, Coral St, Maleny

"Never played politics

I  am very happy to say that Tanya and Cameron always worked honestly and very diligently on The Range News.  You never played politics, and you had integrity.
— Gillian Pechey, Maleny

"Help and direction in marketing

Your  help and direction in marketing our business, educated the people of  Maleny about us, and what we could offer them. After twelve months we were still getting inquiries from the locals.
— Trish Wilkins, Maleny Hills Motel, Montville Road, Maleny

"Always considerate and professional

Cameron  and Tanya owned and ran The Range News here in the Hinterland for many  years. They were simply outstanding people to deal with and many in  this district were sad to see them go. They are people with an  excellent work ethic, always considerate and extremely professional. I  hold them in the highest regards and would recommend them anywhere.
 Roger Loughnan, Roger Loughnan Real Estate, Montville

"Honest and genuine people

Maple  Chiropractic had the pleasure of working with Cameron and Tanya  Outridge through their newspaper, The Range News, of Maleny. Besides  being efficient and a pleasure to deal with, we found Cameron and Tanya  to be honest and genuine people. The town is poorer for losing them.
— Steve Lowe, Maple Chiropractic, Maleny

"Never too pushy

Cameron  and Tanya were both always very supportive of me for the duration of  two separate businesses. As a non-local coming into a country town,  they were both extremely helpful in my dealings with them and on more  than one occasion wrote some very pro-active and positive stories about  my ventures including fabulous colour photography. I have found them to  be very trustworthy, diligent and professional in their approach to  advertising and were never too pushy. They have a genuine desire and  passion to help people make the absolute best of their businesses and  to help them succeed.
— Monica Topliss, Carter Road Nambour

"Work ethics second to none

Congratulations  on your new venture.  You both have work ethics second to none and are  very effective in dealing at all levels between an organisation and its  people.  I wish you every success.
— Riy Fathers, Director, The Penefathings Inn, Montville

"No hesitation in recommending your services

Cameron  and Tanya wrote a number of Marketing Advertorials for my real estate  office. I always found them well written and they worked. I am glad you  are starting up again, and Pat and I would have no hesitation in  recommending your services. We look forward to working with you again.
— Ian and Pat Humphries, Humphries & Fisk, Maple Street, Maleny

"You make a good team

Cameron has given me personally a lot of food for  thought with his educational marketing emails which he sent out on a  regular basis. I always took the time to read and re-read his comments,  which I tried to implement into my own every day marketing efforts for  the real estate agency. I do believe that it has helped me to separate  myself from the pack and stand out in the very competitive world of  real estate agents. As to Tanya, I could always rely on her to make it  happen when I sent through advertisements well after the deadline. You  make a good team and I am certain that you will provide real value to  your customers.
— Ursula Starkovsky, About Real Estate, Beerwah