Enough with the SEO Voodoo Already! 

CustomerGetters’ SEO Success Blueprint

Despite what you may hear ... 70% of SEO is easy! And if you just get the foundations right you can grab an unfair advantage in your market. In many markets it definitely DOESN’T require continual expensive month-on-month optimisation. But what it definitely DOES require are strong “SEO Foundations” to ground your strategy and help set you off on a good SEO trajectory ... (and leave your competitors in the dust!)

The aim is to send Google the right SEO "signals" for their robots and algorithms ... so they rank your site higher than your competitors for the right bullseye (buying) keywords. So here’s what we do...


Determine Your Bullseye Keywords: We research your business, industry and target market (if we haven’t already). We find out what your customers want, what your business sells and we put the two together by way of a dozen or so carefully chosen bullseye keywords. What we DON’T want are keywords that are so specific they don’t generate enough traffic to actually attract anyone in particular. At the other end of the scale we also DON’T want keywords that are so “general" that they attract “everyone with a pulse” but are impossible to rank for. What we DO want are bullseye keywords that attract actual potential customers, actively looking for your prospective service and ready to buy now.


Create Your Keyword Tree: Based on the Bullseye Keywords of your business and website we build a Keyword Tree for your website. That is, we allocate specific bullseye keywords to specific pages on your site. It’s about organising your website around your products and services and sales themes in a way that Google finds easy to understand … &, crucially, using wording that your customers find compelling. In short we tell Google and your customers exactly what your site is about, in a transparent and appealing way.


Embed Your Bullseye Keywords (On-Page SEO): In this step we embed keywords in your pages based on the Keyword Tree built in Step 2. We get into your website’s “admin area” and “embed” the keywords in the following places (because this is where Google looks): 

  • your Title,

  • your Meta-Description,

  • your Body Copy,

  • your Headlines (H1-H3) and

  • your Alt Tags.

But we DON’T “keyword stuff”. It’s about strategically placing keywords within your site’s content and structure to provide the right signals to Google about what the site is about. At the same time it has to read naturally and make sense to a human.


Off-Page SEO: If you have not already done so, we can sign you up for 

  • Google,

  • Google Analytics,

  • Google Search Console (Webmaster account)

  • Google Maps; Google My Business listing etc.

  • Automated SEO Tracking Reports on a weekly or monthly basis on your progress to provide updates on rankings and traffic increases.


  • Before we conduct any SEO work we audit your site through an independent analytics company (AgencyAnalytics).

  • After completing the SEO Success Blueprint we can send you weekly or monthly, easy-to-understand SEO reports that track the rankings of the keywords we have optimised for you. This is for transparency. You will be able to see, week-by-week, how our work has improved your rankings.

Here’s the thing ...

Many of your competitors are likely neglecting SEO intricacies. They have the same reservations as you about complexity, time and danger (and overwhelm!). But they aren’t reading this, and they aren’t aware of CustomerGetters SEO Success Blueprint. So they are none-the-wiser to the well-kept secret: That 70% of SEO is easy. So it’s kind of a no-brainer really.


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